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Security and emergency frameworks 

We offer organisations to get a thorough review of their entire or parts of their existing security and emergency framework to make sure it is solid. consistent and implementable. This can include reviews of:

- Overall security architecture  

- Security policies and responsibilities

- Security plans and SOPs 
- Templates for context and stakeholder analysis

- Templates for threat matrixes and risk assessments

- Emergency plans and responsibilities

- Security and emergency preparedness of local partners 

- Security and emergency support suppliers

- Implementation of framework in specific field missions 

Security and emergency plans

We have great experience in developing security and emergency plans for field offices/missions tailored completely to their specific staff capacities and their operational contexts. Such plans consist of: 

- In-depth local context and actor analysis

- Assessment of relevant local threats and early warning indicators

Defined security responsibilities and decision-making processes 

- Operational security rules and SOPs

- Communication, information-sharing and reporting guidelines 

- Emergency response preparedness 

- Hibernation, relocation and evacuation plans  





Risk assessments

We help organisations fully understand the various threats and risk levels they face in their operational environment as well point out internal vulnerabilities and gaps in existing mitigation strategies. This can be done through the following types of risk assessments:   

- Office assessments 

- Field site assessments

- Movement and route assessments

- Area assessments   
- Actor and stakeholder assessments

Mission support

We help support organisations conducting special missions in the field or planning high-profile delegation visits to make sure that everyone stays updated and safe. This can be done through the following types of mission support:  

- Analysis of security situation in specific areas  

- Analysis of planned routes and visit locations 

- Specific mission/delegation SOPs 

- Pre-deployment briefings (face-to-face, by email or phone)

- Live information feed of developments while in the field

- Facilitating operational security services from local providers

- Facilitating emergency response back-up from local providers  

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